People make the difference in the transition to our future energy system. S3C paves the way for the successful, long-term end-user engagement.

 Maksim Shmeljov/ The rule "one-size-does not fit all” also applies to the preferences of end-users in the energy system leading the S3C-consortium to differentiate between three archetypes of end-users.

The Smart Consumer wants to reduce energy consumption and costs and change his lifestyle routines. The Smart Customer wants to become a Prosumer, thereby consuming energy as well as providing energy services and consumption flexibility. The Smart Citizen wants to become part of a ‘smart energy community’ and help ensure quality of supply and environment preservation.

Our aim is to develop and test an innovative toolkit to facilitate activation and long-term engagement of all three end-user dimensions.

S3C Toolkit website online!

On the S3C toolkit website you can find tools and guidelines with practical information and advice on the implementation of your project, based on in-depth investigation of a family of S3C partner projects.


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Out now! The S3C brochure.

Download the S3C brochure "Empowering people for the smart energy system of the future - A toolkit for utilities, project managers, energy agencies and city developers

What are we doing?

We are researching ongoing and concluded projects to learn from experience and develop a new optimized set of tools and guidelines. We will test and validate those tools and guidelines in demonstration projects and offer a finalised toolkit.

How can you engage end-users successfully?

Check out best practice examples from past and ongoing projects and see examples for successful end-user activation, neighbourhood competition, gadgets, etc. You have a best practice example you want to share? Contact us at

What's the aim of the project?

The S3C project aims at developing ready-to-use tools for long-term end-user engagement by addressing the end-user in his three roles as smart consumer, customer and citizen. An interactive toolkit website will be developed throughout the project.