The project initiated research of best practice end-user engagement strategies and tools deriving from already existing theoretical literature and the hands-on experience in concluded or ongoing Smart Grid trials. The consortium defined key performance indicators for the evaluation of strategies and tools for end-user-engagement.

The analysis of collected data and experience leads to the development of a new, optimised set of tools and guidelines to be used for the successful engagement of either Smart Consumers, Smart Customers or Smart Citizens.

Starting in 2014, the functionality of the toolkit and the guidelines will be tested and validated in demonstration projects within already existing testbeds of other, ongoing Smart Grid projects.

According to the experiences gathered in the demonstration projects, the toolkit will be adapted and the guidelines and recommendations will be optimized for different audiences (DSOs, policy makers, research institutes, regulators etc.). These guidelines and the arising know-how gathered from the S3C-experience will be actively disseminated in order to improve the knowledge on implementation, monitoring and evaluation of active demand programs.