WP 2 Description

Investigation: Selection of projects with potential for learning and engagement of test pilots

Work package 2 is led by two major goals:

  • To select projects which show a potential for learning from the point of view of end user interaction
  • To engage projects as pilots to determine and/or validate best practices and innovative technical and social user-interaction schemes

In order to achieve these goals, the work will carried out in three phases. The first phase of WP2 will focus on the selection of European (and potentially worldwide) projects which offer learning potentials with respect to end user interaction. The selection will be based on the theoretical framework analysis and the empirical literature review on the technical and social user-interaction schemes. It starts from the "preliminary selection criteria” identified in WP1 which will include, for instance, the following:

  • capacity of the project to demonstrate the results of end user involvement,
  • potential interest of the adopted approach for the EU as a whole,
  • variety of stakeholders involved in the project (in particular DSOs and consumer organisations),
  • level of representativeness of both, households and SMEs,
  • innovation of consumer interaction approach.

The selected projects will become candidates for participation in S3C and will at some point form the "Family of Projects”.

The candidates to form the "Family of Projects "will be fully described in the Public Deliverable D2.1 (Month 9), based on a common format agreed on for the description.

Phase 2, overlapping in time with Phase 1, will be dedicated to engage candidate projects as "passive” pilots, setting up agreements with the respective consortia and gathering their relevant detailed results and data for the analysis to be performed in WP3.  

The activities in the third phase will be based on the first outcomes of WP4, i.e. the tentative list of guidelines and tools for end user involvement to be used in the practical tests that will be implemented in WP5. In this phase, potential pilots that will be on-going within the time frame of WP5 will be asked for "active” engagement. Thus, they can become self-funded test beds aiming at a validation of the recommendations proposed by WP4.