Who we are

SP - Technical Research Institute of Sweden

"The grid will never be smarter than the smart behaviour of its' end-users."

--- Maria Thomtén

EDP Distribuição

"We believe in 'Live intelligent Energy'. Our goal in the S3C project is to gain decisive insight on how to really engage the Consumers, Customers and Citizens to take their place in the center of the energy future."

--- Diogo Ramalho

ECN - Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands

"Let's engage in innovations with people to improve and inspire their lives and that of others."

--- Matthijs Uyterlinde

INEA - Informatization, Energy Engineering, Automation, d.o.o.

"Adapt Smart Grid Technologies. For using it."

--- Gregor Cerne

VITO - Vision on Technology

"Adding the social aspect to VITO's Vision on Technology contributes to the awareness and acceptance from society for a new way of being part of the energy community."

--- Erik Laes

RSE SpA - Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico

" We should change our purely technocratic approach and include insights from other more human oriented disciplines."

--- Simone Maggiore

B.A.U.M. Consult GmbH

"Smart Grids need smart people - let's engage and activate them and build the energy system of the future."

--- Philipp Reiß